Super cool Arabic keyboard tool

February 25, 2008 at 7:39 pm (All, Islam Education)


 Sometimes it is important for me to type up some arabic words and use the google search. Although MSWord can convert into Arabic, I find that sometimes converting MSWord brings problems.

 So for those of us who need to type in Arabic, I found the coolest tool:

 Just open the page, type whatever you need, and copy/paste the text. Awesome stuff.


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Here are my notes for Perished Nation 1

February 22, 2008 at 5:40 pm (1, All, Islam Education) (, , , )

Alright, You made the noise.  Here are the notes >> (click>> Teacher Notes: Perished Nations 1 – People of ‘Aad ~ Prophet Hud

The notes are in ‘raw’ form, meaning they are not compiled into ‘essay’ format. It’s just cuts and pastes, and then when I do the lecture I occasionally look at the notes, using them as a skeleton for what I want to say.

However, I like to speak from the heart and go with what comes to heart/mind. For that reason, you may find a lot of things I said in video that are not in the notes. 

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!

– Muhammad Alshareef

PS: Check out for some cool flashes that I made.

PPS: For those who are wondering what making noise sounds like, take a look at what happened to my inbox:

 making noise email inbox

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Perished Nations Part 1

February 21, 2008 at 4:26 pm (All, Islam Education)


Here is the video for the Perished Nations Part 1. May Allah reward the crew that made sure there was a camera there, and Coach Hasnain for uploading the video for all of us.

 Here are the links, divided into 3 parts for uploading purposes:

Perished Nations 1 

 First 30 minutes

 Second 30 minutes

 Third 30 minutes

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No more cheesy halaqahs (and i’m not talking Dorritos)

February 21, 2008 at 3:58 pm (Islam Education) (, , , , , , , , )


A new page in my da’wah has opened. For the most part, I would be invited to a million speaking engagements and in order to accomodate that I would basically prepare my speeches on napkins 5 minutes before the speech begins.

 (Y’know you’ve been there: the shaykh says, as soon as he starts talking, turns to the MC and asks, “What’s the topic again?” Sheesh.)

 Well, call this: Shoyookh Taking the Mic Back.

Islam deserves better, even if that means i’m going to have to say NO more often.

So here is the deal. I’ve designed a formula to produce outstanding speeches. Nothing less then the best:

 1. For every 1 hour of lecture, I will schedule 10 hours of preparation.
2. 8 hours will be research, 1 hour compilation, 1 hour practice (with another person listening, like my mother in law)
3. I will arrive at least 20 minutes before each event.
4. I will recall my ‘greatest speeches’ anchor and “relive” those speeches.
5. I will play the scene in my mind of an oustanding speech
6. I will stand up and DELIVER! 🙂

 This Perished nations 4 part Halaqah series is my first attempt.  Every time I speak, I demand that a super duper awesome poster be designed, a message sent out to our mailing list, and the audio be available within 24 hours for everyone online to benefit.

Enjoy, in sha Allah.

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Loving what you do, but along the way losing motivation?

February 12, 2008 at 8:26 pm (DiscoverULife)

You seem to have a lot of ideas in your head – that’s awesome.  You may be starting every other idea that comes to your head BUT not following through with most of them.
So, if that is the case, let me tell you that:
1. I don’t think of stuff in my head. I write EVERYTHING down. I’m a journal maniac. When others go for ice cream, I go for my journal. I write write write, it’s my passion.  And when you start writing, more desire to write comes out.
2. You must understand your ultimate vision for your life, and judge your ideas based on whether you will get closer to your vision or not with this idea of yours.
Example: at one time I wanted to start a capital funding company. I really was excited about it – but unfortunately such a company doesn’t bring me any closer to my ultimate vision for life. So I scraped it and never thought twice of it.
3. If you did have motivation in the beginning, and even though you may have seemed to have lost motivation along the way, inside you really do want to continue (but you want to have fun continuing) … what do you do? That’s EXACTLY the job of a Lifecoach!  To be a consistent force to keep you moving forward with momentum.
I just finished a call with one of my lifecoaches as he helped me chart out a business structure for the type of lifestyle/position I want to be in in the coming months. I felt stuck before talking with him, and now I feel empowered to move forward and I have clear direction on what to do.
I can’t imagine living without a lifecoach. It becomes an addiction to have someone moving you forward like that.

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What Lifecoaching is to me

February 12, 2008 at 8:14 pm (DiscoverULife)

When I’m thinking of a deep problem, a complex problem, a problem that cannot possibly be thought out in my head because it’s too complex – I frown. People would comment that I seem angry … no I’m just brain blocked. I’m sure you’ve been there before and can see what I mean.

Lifecoaching for me is the shovel that clears the snow, the bulldozer that clears the way. I know I have the hottest results-oriented drive amongst my peers, and only my lifecoach can clear the way so that I can zoom zoom to my next destination … to do it all again.

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