Perished Nations 4: Qawmi Fir’own (Prophet Musa – alayhis salam)

March 13, 2008 at 11:58 pm (All, Islam Education)


Here is the fourth and final installment.

The story of Musa and Fir’own is FULLLLLLL of lessons, subhan Allah. I’d love to see your “what i learned was…” comments.

Here are the videos:




Notes? I’m in the UK at the moment. In sha Allah, when i return home i’ll post it up. Come back now y’hear!

What have you learned? What amazing reflections do you have?



  1. Mujahideen Ryder said,

    JazakAllah khair!!!!!

  2. Someone said,

    Baraka Allahu Feek Shiekh, I am going to watch it right now.

  3. AbuAbdAllah said,

    Bismillah. Jazak Allah khayr, Shaykh! We still love reading the notes, too, so please post them as soon as it is convenient for you. 🙂 Have a good and safe trip inshaAllah, and while you travel please make dua for all of us that we get the most possible inshaAllah out of all these halaqas! And “last” is inshaAllah only last for this focused and beneficial series! 🙂

  4. AbuAbdAllah said,

    I was visiting someone and telling him about this series of halaqas. Alhamdolillah when we talked about the mala, he mentioned this video to me that he saw on youtube. And he put it on. In it a small herd of buffalo are attacked by a pride of lions (at least three maybe four lions at once). He called the lions the mala, and the buffalo the common people. And he loved the video because of its outcome.

  5. AbuAbdAllah said,

    Bismillah. I posted the video link here because it made me think of the analogy from the lectures, about ants and grasshoppers. Here’s an example of what ants can do when they do not believe they have to lose.

  6. Saleem A. Khan said,

    Alhamdu Lillah, First of all I want to thank Allah sbt. that he gave you this idea to post your lectures on internet so everybody can take advantage and enjoy watching and listening to your program. May Allah give you uncountable reward and shoer His mercy on you. As I always wanted see Muhammed Ash Shareef in person during alecture or so, thru this internet Allah sbt. made it possible. By making these lectures available on internet this is the BEST thing you have done for the muslim ummah. Again May Allah reward you in abundance. Aamin.

  7. Saleem A. Khan said,

    If someone can help me…………….. My problame is when I watch these lectures on You Tube, as I PLAY it , I can hardly watch may be five minutes if and it freezes, then I can not watch it. If someone can show me how to watch unintereptely these video thru You Tube or whatever site you have sent, I will appreciate it. My email add is

  8. Ghazala said,

    salam ‘alaikum wr wb brother
    jzk for these very informative videos. just 1 problem though, every time we click the link below, part 4 opens up and not 3……cud u possibly send me the link to part 3 plz (the nation of prophet Lut a.s.)? jzk kh ka
    may Allah reward u immensely for all ur effort, ameen
    was salam

  9. Abdullahi Ugas said,

    Jazak Allah Khairan
    Although I heard all these stories before, I love it because of all of the lseeons and relating it to our times. Once again jazak Allah khairan, please keep it coming.
    I also was wondering if I can buy it on dvd hope to hear from you soon

  10. Sheena said,

    As a new Muslim I have read through so many books to understand as much as I can, and for the first time someone is spreading the message (vocally) of Allah in the language I understand.

    Even though you are not doing it conciously I want of let you know that you have contributed greatly in my learning of Islam.

    Jazak allah Wa khaiyran dear teacher

  11. Saima said,


    i just wanted to say jazakallah to the sheikh for taking up his own time to teach us.. i have really learnt a lot from you, because i only had a very brief idea of how the previous nations were.. and the good thing is that it is in plain english and that makes it more possible for me to understand.. i’m just waiting for more lectures to be presented.


  12. daisy said,

    asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    may Allaah reward you with Jannat al Firdaws brother Muhammad al-Shareef for your efforts. i love that its availible on the net coz now i can benefit from it too and others like me who aren’t able to attend any good lectures in person nor buy them. jazakAllaah!!!

    just one thing though. the 3rd part of Qawmi Fir’own seems to be missing the ending. it ends at 47:30 in the middle of a sentence. it’s no finished.

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