We are still awaiting the upload … Here’s what I’m going to do

March 7, 2008 at 4:02 pm (1)


Ok, so I wasn’t going to diss the brothers for delaying the upload, but now the time has passed.  It is not people that fail, it is systems that fail.

My system for uploading the videos has failed. And so I take it personally. Deadline was passed TWICE.

 In sha Allah, I’m going to document the system strategy so that everyone can take this as a learning moment.

Here’s what I plan to do:

1. Detail the step by step of how a video is recorded and uploaded with the brother who is currently doing it.

2. Study that step by step and creatively replace everyone who is the process … with SISTERS.

3. Apply the new system this coming Tuesday and see how it goes. If great, great. If not, we refresh our system.

The key is to have SUPER high standards, and have the rapport with people that even though they are volunteering — you’ll still fire them! 🙂



  1. MR said,

    You should have Halal Tube upload your videos! 😀

  2. zfnd said,

    MSA: the story continues

  3. AlBaraa said,

    Or better yet…

    …Have the Ilmcast.com team take care of the technical task of uploading the video and making it available in high quality 🙂

  4. MR said,

    I agree with AlBaraa, cuz then Halal Tube will still be able to put it on their site. 😀

  5. RabiaM said,

    MashaAllah this lecture series has benefited me greatly. I have one issue though. Unfortunately, I’m not sitting at a computer all day, and I was hoping that I’d be able to download these videos to take with me on my iPod. I noticed that some of the videos are available for download but others arent. Can something be done about this? 😀

    JazakAllah Khair!!!

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