Perished Nations, Episode 3: Qawmi Lut, the People of Sadoom

March 7, 2008 at 9:20 pm (All, Islam Education)

Ok, it’s finally here. Enjoy…

part 1 of 3 


part 2 of 3 


part 3 of 3


And here are my notes for the complete benefit (Jazakum Allahu khayr for asking) …

Sadoom Perished Nations 3, Lut’s People abc compilation



  1. Someone said,

    Jazzakom Allahu Khair Shiekh, I was impatiently waiting for it. May Allah reward you tremendously.

    I have a question Shiekh,

    Are you planning another series or halaqa anytime in the near future, if so, I can hear about it in the same successinislam mailing list? The one where we get your weekly Hadeeth or aya?

    Again, I ask Allah to reward you for your efforts.

  2. Abu AbdAllah said,

    bismillah. mashaAllah! alhamdolillah hil ladhee kasana al Islam, wa RasoolAllah sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam, wa hadha ilm, wa hadha halaqa, wa hadha shaykh. Allahumma taqabul minkum!

  3. Zainab said,

    Jazakallh, Sheikh!! Any notes this time :D?

    May Allah reward you 🙂

  4. Mujahideen Ryder said,

    JazakAllah khair!

  5. Anwer Kuraishi said,


    Qawmi Lut were the first people on the earth to commit this henius and unprecedented crime. Allah Taala destroyed them in such a way that the particular piece of land has never been rehabilitated again by humans because I believe it is buried in the Dead Sea. However, when we look around these days we cannot fail to notice that this crime is on increase in the West and in some Eastern nations. Not only this but those comiting this crime are not ashamed and they openly admit that they are what they are. Not only this but some of the Western Governments have recognized homosexual marriages at the same level as tradtional marriages and have awarded them same rights as a traditional marriage between a man a woman. Is it not surprisising that they have not faced from Allah same punishment which descended on Qami Lut? May be Allah Taala has afflicted them with AIDS for which no treatment has been found yet and has thus prolonged their suffering!!! Nevertheless, they should not remain complacent because Allah’s Punishment is delayed but never postponed for good.l

    Let’s us pray that may Allah save all Muslims from falling into this circle of shaiteen.

    May Allah reward our Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef for his excellent efforts to keep Muslims and particularly Muslim Youth to remember not to earn Allah displeasure.

  6. AbuAbdAllah said,

    bismillah. i think the fourth night’s lectures are being uploaded even as i type! at least one of the fourth night’s lectures is already up on Google, mashaAllah. 🙂

  7. AbuAbdAllah said,

    bismillah. it may just be me, but i noticed a few moments ago that your thawbs/khamees get progressively lighter each night. (i’ve got them all embedded on the same page so the first frames show) i do not know if that was a coincidence, but mashaAllah it seems to me like you leave more and more of yourself in each lecture, so that by the end you’ve given us everything you could have given us on this topic. so the fact that your fourth lecture was in a white thawb or khamees, that means i have expectations for the last lecture 🙂

  8. Munira said,

    Jazzak em Allah Khayren,
    -If you can not speak against a crime atleast hate it in your heart
    -The Christians are more vocal about sins we should support them in this if we can’t do it on our own
    -When Allah subhana was ta ala loves you all in the heavens loves you, we should strive for that
    *(there was something else…i was made to forget as i wrote the others!)

    One question…can you explain what “aafiyah” means as you use it in your lecture (i.e. a whole lot of “aafiyah”) it says “health” on google def’s? Doesn’t sound right.

  9. Munira said,

    I remembered…
    -Hate the sin not the sinner. Each person deserves compassion and to be rightly guided.
    -You are accountable for the sins you “allow” to happen by consciously or unconsciously encouraging the perpetrator

    your lectures are awesome…insha Allah you continue the halaqa series. I love the themed approach with a series of lectures that reinforce the lessons we are to glean.

    May Allah subhana wa ta ala reward you exponentially for all the minds and hearts you have touched and helped guide.


  10. Asma said,

    3afiya means forgiveness.

    jazaakAllah khair brother Muhammad. All through the lecture I was thinking, how can muslims be calling for us to vote for candidates who are lenient on homosexuality? How can we participate in allowing that faahisha to spread? People will say that voting anti-war is what matters the most, and that we as muslims should be working to protect muslim lands from american invasion the most, but what about protecting ourselves from the punishment of Allah by standing against homosexuality? Muslims can never be one-issue voters… it makes more sense to abandon the compromises involved in voting and stand up for all of the right issues in other ways. I would appreciate your thoughts about that.


  11. WannaBeScholar said,

    Jazak Allah Khair. I very much appreciate the description of how we should not be fearful of the reactions of others when condemning this major sin. We live in a society in which many times the evil is seen as good and the good as evil, and this is a wonderful reminder of how we should be strong in our beliefs.

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