Quran Phonetic Search

February 25, 2008 at 7:44 pm (All, Islam Education)

Here is another awesome service.

Did the Imam mention an ayah and you want to find out where it is in the Quran? Just check out:




  1. MR said,

    I have a problem with this. Different people phonetically spell Arabic phrases differently. For example:

    The phonetic search is a great idea, but it would be only good if many people used the same phonetic spelling of Quranic Arabic phrases.

  2. muslimadmin said,

    alsalam 3alaikum,
    http://searchquran.net's transliteration algorithm (the idea came from islamicity, but it’s easier to use imo), the issue is dealt with programmatically by normalizing the input search – so for example, case is ignored, restrictions on vowels are relaxed, and rather than do a straight matching algorithm, a distance algorithm is used which sees how many characters you’d have to change in the search query to make it match the ayah perfectly. based on this, a score is assigned to each result and the top results are returned.

    sheikh, may Allah reward you, but try http://searchquran.net too! 🙂

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